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  • What is prevention?
    Prevention is simply defined as: the action of stopping something from happening or arising. Prevention is present in almost all professional fields of work and service in some way.
  • What is Weber CTC?
    Weber Communities that Care (CTC) is a prevention coalition that operates out of the Northeast part of Weber County in Utah (sometimes called the Weber Cone). We have two paid staff and over 40 volunteers, half of which are youth from our service area. We have numerous partners in our work, most prominently: our local cities and towns, United Way of Northern Utah, Weber Human Services, and Weber-Morgan Health Department.
  • What is Weber CTC trying to prevent?
    Weber CTC focuses on preventing the underage use of substances like alcohol, tobacco (traditional and electronic), and other drugs. We approach our prevention work with a primary prevention approach, meaning we want to prevent underage persons from ever using a substance. Recently, the coalition also decided to focus on supporting the mental health of our community to reduce the prevalence of mental illness and prevent mental health crises (like suicide). Substance use and mental illness are highly related to one another.
  • What is "Communities that Care?"
    Communities that Care is an evidenced-based process model we follow to bring about local community change. It was established and researched originally out of the University of Washington and the Social Development Research Group.
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