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Let's Talk Advocacy!

How do you make effective and long lasting change in a community? There are many correct answers to this question, but one way that Weber CTC is hoping to impact substance use and suicide rates in our community is through improving local and state policies. Policies help to improve laws and norms in the community, guarantee resources and limit access to harmful substances. However, how do we begin the process of making or improving policies? The answer: Advocacy!

As community members, we have a duty to protect our youth from substances use and suicide and using our voices to advocate is imperative. According to Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America, “Advocacy is a key part of the public policy process. Numerous policy issues constantly compete for attention at local, state and national levels. Legislators are generalists and rely of subject matter experts to guide their decision-making. Therefore, it is critical to understand how to be an effective advocate for your cause . . . Advocacy can take many forms, from meeting with a legislator in Washington DC, to attending a town hall in your local community, to sending an email to a legislative staffer. Everyone who wants to participate in advocacy can do so regardless of experience level or time constraints.”

We encourage our community members to join us in our prevention effort to protect our youth through advocacy. To learn more visit our website at

By: Amanda Jones

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