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Social Summer -Let's get out and play!

As summer is approaching, that gives us the perfect opportunity to spend time with our families. Grab mitts and a ball and go play catch at a park. Catch doesn’t sound fun? How about pickleball? Right behind Straw Market, in Pleasant View, are some pickleball courts. The location makes it perfect to grab a sweet treat, or lunch, after playing. Just about any sport can be a fun social activity that you can do with the whole family. However, if sports aren't your cup of tea, there are plenty of other activities. We are lucky to have a variety of parks in our community, such as Pleasant View Park, Barker Park, Shady Lane Park, North Ogden Park and many more, that you could go have a picnic at or just play on the playgrounds. Along with the variety of parks, there are also many trails that you could go hiking on (one of my favorites is Waterfall Canyon). 

Arts and crafts are a fun activity that can create some fun family bonding. Grab some sidewalk chalk and make a life size board game or you could just have fun decorating your driveway. If you're not afraid to get messy, you could put on all white and fill up water guns with dye and have a water gun war. Another messy idea is to lay down a white poster board or large piece of paper and cover your hands and feet in paint, then search a video up on youtube and do some yoga. No matter what you do, the important part is enjoying the time with your family. I hope this gave you some fun ideas!

By: Youth Council member- Lily Lutz 

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